Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments – Brookings Institution

via Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments – Brookings Institution.

Within the next few years an important threshold will be crossed: For the first time ever, it will become technologically and financially feasible for authoritarian governments to record nearly everything that is said or done within their borders—every phone conversation, electronic message, social media interaction, the movements of nearly every person and vehicle, and video from every street corner. Governments with a history of using all of the tools at their disposal to track and monitor their citizens will undoubtedly make full use of this capability once it becomes available.

redhanwen – Artist – triple j Unearthed – free music | new Australian music | independent music

via redhanwen – Artist – triple j Unearthed – free music | new Australian music | independent music.

Genre: Pop, Indie

Region: Newcastle, NSW

Members: Hannah Sunderland – Guitar, Vocals, Other Stuff

Influences: Emiliana Torrini, Kimya Dawson, Sufjan Stevens


Hannah interviewed on ABC local radio | the kitchen table

via Hannah interviewed on ABC local radio | the kitchen table.

Hannah recorded an interview and song on ABC local radio Western Plains yesterday and it was aired this morning. Here it is.

Redhanwen – ABC New South Wales – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

via Redhanwen – ABC New South Wales – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Redhanwen (AKA Hannah Sunderland) first performed her own songs in front of an audience at Midnite Cafe about five years ago. She was so nervous she says her songs were delivered in a whisper. Now, she’s about to release her own EP. How time flies.

Hannah is back in Dubbo to relive old memories and perform at Midnite Cafe again tomorrow night.

“I feel like I’ve just been able to become a lot more confident – having more belief in myself.”

Take a listen to Redhanwen performing live in the studio:

Play audio

Midnite Cafe is on tomorrow night (Saturday 10th December) from 7pm at Wesley Hall in Dubbo.


Redhanwen – Betray – YouTube

Redhanwen – Betray – YouTube.

mp3: Redhanwen | El indie, Todo acerca del mundo Indie

mp3: Redhanwen | El indie, Todo acerca del mundo Indie.

Redhanwen es un proyecto de Newcastle que va de indie folk y esta presentando su álbum homónimo en forma de pre lanzamiento, su musica es bastante recomendable si el estilo folk esta dentro de tus gustos, con un par de voces femeninas que hacen vivir una buena experiencia al escucharlas
Redhanwen esta compuesto por:

Hannah Sunderland
Skye Harrison
ojala les haga pasar un buen rato.
or courtesy of google translate…
Redhanwen Newcastle is a project of indie folk far and is presenting its self-titled album in the form of pre-launch, their music is highly recommended if the folk style is within your tastes, with a couple of female voices that make living a good experience to listen
Redhanwen consists of:

Hannah Sunderland
Skye Harrison
hopefully they do have a good time.

Democracy and Debt | Michael Hudson

via Democracy and Debt | Michael Hudson.

“Anyone who gave credit to a prince knew that the repayment of the debt depended only on his debtor’s capacity and will to pay. The case was very different for the cities, which had power as overlords, but were also corporations, associations of individuals held in common bond. According to the generally accepted law each individual burgher was liable for the debts of the city both with his person and his property.”[2]

The financial achievement of parliamentary government was thus to establish debts that were not merely the personal obligations of princes, but were truly public and binding regardless of who occupied the throne. This is why the first two democratic nations, the Netherlands and Britain after its 1688 revolution, developed the most active capital markets and proceeded to become leading military powers. What is ironic is that it was the need for war financing that promoted democracy, forming a symbiotic trinity between war making, credit and parliamentary democracy in an epoch when money was still the sinews of war.

Every economy is planned. This traditionally has been the function of government. Relinquishing this role under the slogan of “free markets” leaves it in the hands of banks. Yet the planning privilege of credit creation and allocation turns out to be even more centralized than that of elected public officials. And to make matters worse, the financial time frame is short-term hit-and-run, ending up as asset stripping. By seeking their own gains, the banks tend to destroy the economy. The surplus ends up being consumed by interest and other financial charges, leaving no revenue for new capital investment or basic social spending.

This is why relinquishing policy control to a creditor class rarely has gone together with economic growth and rising living standards. The tendency for debts to grow faster than the population’s ability to pay has been a basic constant throughout all recorded history

Democracy involves subordinating financial dynamics to serve economic balance and growth – and taxing rentier income or keeping basic monopolies in the public domain. Untaxing or privatizing property income “frees” it to be pledged to the banks, to be capitalized into larger loans. Financed by debt leveraging, asset-price inflation increases rentier wealth while indebting the economy at large. The economy shrinks, falling into negative equity.

The financial sector has gained sufficient influence to use such emergencies as an opportunity to convince governments that that the economy will collapse they it do not “save the banks.” In practice this means consolidating their control over policy, which they use in ways that further polarize economies. The basic model is what occurred in ancient Rome, moving from democracy to oligarchy. In fact, giving priority to bankers and leaving economic planning to be dictated by the EU, ECB and IMF threatens to strip the nation-state of the power to coin or print money and levy taxes.

Neither banks nor public authorities (or mainstream academics, for that matter) calculated the economy’s realistic ability to pay – that is, to pay without shrinking the economy. Through their media and think tanks, they have convinced populations that the way to get rich most rapidly is to borrow money to buy real estate, stocks and bonds rising in price – being inflated by bank credit – and to reverse the past century’s progressive taxation of wealth.

To put matters bluntly, the result has been junk economics. Its aim is to disable public checks and balances, shifting planning power into the hands of high finance on the claim that this is more efficient than public regulation. Government planning and taxation is accused of being “the road to serfdom,” as if “free markets” controlled by bankers given leeway to act recklessly is not planned by special interests in ways that are oligarchic, not democratic. Governments are told to pay bailout debts taken on not to defend countries in military warfare as in times past, but to benefit the wealthiest layer of the population by shifting its losses onto taxpayers.


xkcd: Space Launch System

xkcd: Space Launch System.

Space Launch System


Why did I not find this a week ago?!!


5. Multiple internet connections -- same interface for all packets of a connection.

The ctmark/nfmark will encode the preferred output device.

-t mangle -N preferppp0
-t mangle -A preferppp0 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 10

-t mangle -N preferppp1
-t mangle -A preferppp1 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 11

# For connections coming from the Internet
-t mangle -N prefin
-t mangle -A prefin -i ppp0 -g preferppp0
-t mangle -A prefin -i ppp1 -g preferppp1

# For connections initiated from the LAN
-t mangle -N prefout
-t mangle -A prefout -o ppp0 -g preferppp0
-t mangle -A prefout -o ppp1 -g preferppp1

-t mangle -A PREROUTING -m connmark --mark 0 -m conntrack
--ctstate NEW -j prefin
# (Avoid routing packets onto ppp when they just came in on ppp)
-t mangle -A PREROUTING ! -i ppp+ -j CONNMARK --restore-mark

-t mangle -A FORWARD -m connmark --mark 0 -m conntrack
--ctstate NEW -j prefout
-t mangle -A OUTPUT -m connmark --mark 0 -m conntrack
--ctstate NEW -j prefout

Then do routing based on fwmark.

ip rule add fwmark 10 table 10
ip rule add fwmark 11 table 11
ip route add default via PROVIDER1 table 10
ip route add default via PROVIDER2 table 11

Heresy in the shadow of the City

via Suitpossum: Fragments of Financial Subversion: Heresy in the shadow of the City: Max Keiser sacrifices the sacred cows of finance.

Max has made an artform out of passionate advocacy of deeply heretical points of view. Where some people would sound preachy and self-righteous, Max just sounds indignant, pissed off, and funny to boot. He has what many critical academics lack – an opportunistic flair and a talent for entertainment. It’s very seldom that someone can make stand-up comedy out of financial commentary, whilst simultaneously making you deeply question things. He’s both a joker with a mischievous flame and an underdog hyena who cares about injustice. He doesn’t claim to be pure, and the fact that he’s been out and tried the system gives him clout.