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Doc Searls Weblog · Holes in The Cloud

  via Doc Searls Weblog · Holes in The Cloud. … meanwhile “The Cloud’s” promise and reality are way out of sync. Since most of The Market outside our homes is comprised of pay services over wi-fi and cellular data systems are sure to suffer traffic jams as more of our lives require tethering to […]

Hackers plan space satellites to combat censorship

BBC News – Hackers plan space satellites to combat censorship.   Computer hackers plan to take the internet beyond the reach of censors by putting their own communication satellites into orbit. The scheme was outlined at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. The project’s organisers said the Hackerspace Global Grid will also involve developing a […]

Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments – Brookings Institution

via Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments – Brookings Institution. Within the next few years an important threshold will be crossed: For the first time ever, it will become technologically and financially feasible for authoritarian governments to record nearly everything that is said or done within their borders—every phone conversation, electronic […]


Why did I not find this a week ago?!! via. 5. Multiple internet connections — same interface for all packets of a connection. The ctmark/nfmark will encode the preferred output device. -t mangle -N preferppp0 -t mangle -A preferppp0 -j CONNMARK –set-mark 10 -t mangle -N preferppp1 -t mangle -A preferppp1 -j CONNMARK –set-mark […]

Programming in CellOS

“We are looking at creating a cell’s equivalent to a computer operating system in such a way that a given group of cells could be seamlessly re-programmed to perform any function without needing to modify its hardware. We are talking about a highly ambitious goal leading to a fundamental breakthrough that will, —ultimately, allow us […]

xkcd: The General Problem

The General Problem via xkcd: The General Problem.

Google Engineer Accidently Shares His Internal Memo About Google + Platform | Unfiltered Opinion From Silicon Valley

A product is useless without a platform, or more precisely and accurately, a platform-less product will always be replaced by an equivalent platform-ized product. Google+ is a prime example of our complete failure to understand platforms from the very highest levels of executive leadership (hi Larry, Sergey, Eric, Vic, howdy howdy) down to the very […]